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Kurwa Rubber Offer high Quality, Light weight, Flexible Rubber Coated Fabrics for commercial & Industrial applications.

The Rubber coating is done on High Precision Calendaring Machine and Spreading Machine.
Fabrics & Textiles Coated
Cotton, Canvas, Rayon, Polyester Blends, Nylon, Tyre Cord, Polyester Monofilament's, Aramids, Glass Fibres, Knitted Twill, Cross Woven Fabrics, Kevlar etc.
Colours & Finish
These are available in smooth as well as textured finish in various colours such as Black, White, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, Red etc.
Width, Layers, weight & Thickness
Calendared upto 1200mm & Spreaded upto 1500mm width in thickness range from 0.2mm to 6.35mm with upto 4 multilayers and weightage from 100GSM to 5000GSM.
Grades of Rubber & Hardness
Our Rubber Coated Fabrics are available in Natural, Chlroprene(Neoprene), Buna-N/NBR (Nitrile), EPDM, Butyl, Hypalon, Polyurethane Silicone , Viton and thermoplastic grades of Rubber and in hardness range of 40-85 Deg. Shore-A.
Few Applications
Membrane Diaphragms
Ducts & Curtains
Flexible Storage
Air Lifting Bags,
Equipment Covers,
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